Genevieve Rice
Kon Stamadianos
Dan Hoen Hull
Steve Maxwell
Teddy Bearskovich
Leslie Barton
Chris Bennett
Jim Minnick
Rafael Sanchez
Carlo Garcia of Living Philanthropic
Salvio Araujo & Bike Gayng
David Venezia of Venezia Photography
Lovely Individuals who have given their support in many beautiful ways:

Kim Horton Levesque
Doug Pulvirenti
Chris Beverly
Alex Moran
Zach Zempel
Soraya Dominguez
Stephanie Gillingham
Owen Evans
Jana Knapp
Adam King
Sharon Harder
Orson Hyde
Companies who have collaborated with Bergamot:
Musicians and artists who have collaborated with Bergamot:
Cindy Cozzi
Mark Youso
Amy & Nathan Oyler
Brianne Hodson
Gabe Ballard
Linda & Craig Soland
Sierra Joy
Katie Thorpe
Joe Rivard
Kara Roschi
Lisa Olson
Karen Olson

The administrators, teachers, and parents
of Sonoran Science Academy of Phoenix
who have supported our after school art
outreach program

N.A.N.A. Ministry who facilitate bringing
our programs to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

and our lovely Board of Directors!
Thank you all so much for your kindness. We couldn't do this without you.
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Michael Leeder